Adirondack Throw Pillow

Adirondack Throw Pillow

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If you’re searching for a softer, cozier way to bring the classic Adirondacks look into your home decor, then look no further! The Adirondack Throw Pillow is the perfect addition to your favorite couch, chair, or bed. With its stone washed base fabric featuring stunning applique with frayed edges, this pillow instantly adds warmth and texture to any room. It has a unique sense of charm that will lend real personality and style to your home. The zipper enclosure ensures easy stuffing and cleaning while offering peace of mind. Whether you’re needing something a little special or just looking for an easy-to-integrate piece, the Adirondack Throw Pillow is sure to be a fantastic fit!

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Size: 24 x 24 in

Machine wash cold, hang dry.

*With exception to wool and silk garments which are dry-clean only.

Always refer to the garment label on each product for specific care instructions.

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